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Our mission at salt churches is to see the Kingdom of Heaven expanding on earth through salvation, discipleship, and planting micro-churches.

Founded in 2017 in Huntington Beach, California by Parker and Jessi Green. Salt Churches are micro-churches that focus on two things, Salvation and a life of Discipleship.

We are desperate to see the world look more like the Kingdom of God. We believe that as Christians we should be living fully alive and making disciples. Through the power of the Holy Spirit we will never stop reaching people, waking up "the churched", and planting churches, because Jesus is Alive.

We believe a church is a group of believers in Jesus following him together and making disciples. This means that they are reaching people that don't know Jesus and leading them into a lifestyle of following Him.

We believe the best way to see people saved and discipled is with a micro-church model. Micro churches are groups of 10-50 people following Jesus together and on mission to expand the Kingdom of God.

Human beings are made to have a tribe, a small group of people with shared vision and values that can know, encourage and equip one another. Each micro-church is part of a larger body of believers within their geographical area called a Hub. The members of Salt get the best of both worlds; belonging to a smaller group of people on mission together (seeing the lost saved and disciples made), and part of a broader vision to transform whole cities, regions, and nations for Christ. Now is the time for Revival in America, will you join us?


Meet The Greens

Parker and Jessi Green are the Co-Founders of Salt Churches and are internationally sought out preachers. They are passionate about reaching people that don't know Jesus, making disciples and planting micro churches. 
The Greens ministry is focused on preaching The Gospel and equipping others to follow Jesus in every area of life.
Parker and Jessi reside in Southern California with their two sons, David and Ethan.