Founded in 2017 in Huntington Beach, California by Parker and Jessi Green.

Salt Churches is a registered 501c3 that is a group of believers in Jesus following him together and making disciples. This means that they are reaching people that don't know Jesus and leading them into a lifestyle of following Him.

We believe the best way to see people saved and discipled is with a micro-church model.

Micro churches are groups 10-50 people following Jesus together and on mission for him. Human beings are made to have a tribe, a small group of people with shared vision and values. Each micro-church is in a sense a tribe of believers on mission for Jesus.  But also, part of a larger body of believers within their geographical area. We find this way, people get the best of both worlds; belonging to a smaller group of people on mission together (seeing the lost saved and disciples made), and part of a broader vision transform whole cities, regions, and nations for Christ.

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Parker and Jessi Green led two church campuses in New York City from 2012- 2016 with Liberty Church and have preached the Gospel internationally and are passionate about bringing Revival to America. In 2016 they moved to Huntington Beach, California to plant Salt Churches through a new micro church model that launched in January 2017.

Through Salt Churches, they have effectively made disciples that make disciples, planted churches and spread the Gospel. They passionately believe that we can see America saved and set free through the multiplication of churches. 




Reach the lost

Make Disciples

Plant Churches




This is the beating heart of our Father in Heaven.

Bringing lost people home and into the family through belief, repentance, and baptism.

Luke 19:10

For the Son of Man came to seek and to save the lost.

Many churches gather simply to gather, this is a mistake. The gathering is not the key ingredient. It is the mission for which we gather that creates the kind of intimacy with each other that Jesus promises.

  1. Belief  (sharing the Gospel)- Members of Salt Churches are equipped and sent to share The Gospel on the streets, in their workplaces, and with their family and friends.

  2. Repentance - We believe that a believer needs to turn from their old way of life and start a life of following Jesus and living life in the Kingdom.

  3. Baptism - Baptism in water and baptism in the Holy Spirit is essential for a new believer to follow Jesus and live a brand new life in Him.


In a family, you see growth over generations. The same thing happens within a church when it comes to discipleship.

We find that taking the course Jesus did with discipleship is best. It was always clear who he was leading in discipleship. In the ministry of Jesus we see 5 clear ways of discipling others:

  1. The Invitation (The Call)
  2. Walking Together (Shared Life and Deliverance/salvation)
  3. Show and Tell (The Word and The Power of HS/The promise of living in the Kingdom)
  4. Multiplication  (Disciple Making)
  5. Maturity (Release, graduation, leaving home, grown up)

Discipleship is a learning how to live life, not just a course you take.


So we take our everyday life and lay it before Jesus. We are the trail guides, and Jesus is the wilderness. 
The key way to know if discipleship is working, is if you have disciples multiplying.  

Simply put, we make disciples that make disciples because Jesus tells us to.

Matt 28:18-20


Healthy things grow and multiply.

Multiplication is a principle constantly spoken about by Jesus.  The expectation for every church is to plant more churches. Why? Because if you’re reaching the lost and making disciples you’ll be planting churches.