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A micro-church is like a platoon of believers at war together. We know that when people have a common vision, and a common purpose, they then have the community they have been seeking. The closest knit people on earth or men that go to war together. Why? They are willing to make sacrifices for each other because their love for eachother isn’t based on whether things are good or bad, difficult or easy; but for the bigger purpose at hand. So in a sense you get both in SALT. Together we make disciples and see people saved, and as a larger church, we see whole regions saved and discipled.

If you would like to learn more about starting a Salt in your city - please contact us!

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What is a Church?

The scripture calls the church The Body of Christ, God’s People, and the Bride of Christ.  A church is a group of believers in Jesus following him together and making disciples.

This means that they are reaching people that don't know Jesus, seeing them born again, baptized, filled with the Holy Spirit and beginning a discipleship journey. 

Why start a church?

A church is on mission together to make disciples and expand the Kingdom of Heaven. This mission is what brings unity and purpose to the body. We are continuing what Jesus did on earth, to redeem humanity through him.  We do not gather for the sake of gathering, we are a community on mission together. If you believe that your Christianity is missing something, we suggest joining other believers that are making disciples and are on mission. Jesus is ALIVE and wants to transform your life and city!

SALT Churches is a registered 501c3

Any Salt Church leader will go through our Sequoia Church Planting Training Manual and will be reviewed by our Board of Overseers.