SALT Story: Victoria Castillo


What is your life's calling?

The answer to this question changes everything.

For example- if I thought my calling was to be an astronaut I would make sure that everything I did would help me reach the goal of becoming an astronaut. But, what if I got that wrong? What if all the effort to become an “astronaut” was sending me in the opposite direction of where I was supposed to be going?

Honestly, that was one of my biggest fears from the time I was a sophomore in high school and the question of what I wanted to study in college was asked. How could I know the answer to such a big question? And, what if I was wrong?

Fast-forward 9 years. Now in SALT and, because of that, starting discipleship with Jessi. 

SALT Orange Illustration 1.png

I remember one day I started to tell Jessi about how out of place I had felt at a worship night. I started to describe how the things that I was seeing and the ways I thought I was being led were so different from people around me. I was trying to figure out what was wrong with me. What did I need to pray through or repent of so that I would be more like everyone else?

Jessi asked a few more questions and I was prepared to hear all the things that weren’t right about me. How I needed to shift my perspective, I was expecting her to be disappointed with me. Instead, I got permission to be me. She started to tell me about the value in the way that I see things and process things differently. That none of it was a mistake but that it was actually part of how God had designed me and was calling me into a life with Him. 

And that’s the thing with SALT and discipleship- I’m all in because a life transformed isn’t just a catchy thing to say and it’s not something completely outside of myself that I have just watched - I have experienced it for myself. 

Instead of “what is my calling?” being an intimidating and almost paralyzing question it became so simple. It started with the Great Commission and the details began to get clarified as I started doing it. I got permission to be me instead of trying to fit into a mold. I began to learn that the things that I care most about aren’t an accident, it’s because I’m supposed to care about it and be the most passionate about it. I was being shown the position in the Body I was always meant to take. 

I still don’t have it perfect, there are still times that I hesitate but I know I have a tribe to turn back to that wants to see me fully alive, pursuing the calling that God has placed on my life.

For years I thought that my calling would be done alone, and if I could figure it out on my own then I would be better for it. I didn’t know the reality of the Body of Christ that I read about in the Bible. Now, I’m free to pursue my calling and be the most Victoria possible because I can be my part of the body instead of trying to be the whole thing. 

With SALT and discipleship, I can leave amped, ready to go and do all the things the Lord calls me to because I know that I have a salty family that won’t leave; that will be there to celebrate when things are amazing and will cover me when life feels rocky.

And isn’t that so important?! How beautiful that we were never expected to go into battle by ourselves. That all along, God has had plans for how all the pieces were meant to move. To support and benefit each other and to expand His Kingdom on Earth more effectively together than they ever could apart.