Meet Salt Churches Leadership




church planter | disciple | builder

Over the years Parker has become obsessive about the person of Jesus. He believes that wherever discipleship to Jesus is taking place, the church will take shape naturally. He believes in a church without limits and believes that individuals can live a life fully alive in Christ; with signs that follow. Parker is a husband, father, and leader. He’s passionate about seeing people walk in a full life of Salvation and Discipleship…and Crossfit.




evangelist | visionary | creative type

Jessi is an international speaker, full-time missionary, and co-founder of Salt Churches. She is passionate about reaching those that don’t know Jesus and equipping The Church to make disciples and preach the Gospel. She believes that everyone is qualified to share the Good News and teach others to follow Jesus. While enjoying the sun in California with her two sons David and Ethan, she passionately speaks about what it means to follow a Jesus that is ALIVE and wants to transform cities!

We are passionate about equipping churches to see people Saved + Discipled. Would you like The Greens to join you at your next conference or event? We are now reviewing invitations and would love to partner with you on spreading The Gospel.

Victoria Castillo

Victoria is wildly obsessed with the Father and seeing His Kingdom come and leads Salt Church Huntington Beach. She is passionate about raising up leaders that will impact the world as they become fully alive in Christ and, in turn, equip others to do that same. 


Joe Ferguson

Joe is currently an athletic trainer at a local lower socioeconomic high school and co-leads Salt Church Orange. Before that, he was leading adults ranging from 21-37 across the world for an 11-month mission trip.

His passion for discipleship and church planting stem from his experiences of being discipled. Joe sees church planting as the discovery of God’s plan and purpose for people’s lives with the co-laboring with others to be the future of the church.

Taylor Ferguson

Taylor is currently on staff with the Missions department at Orange Lutheran High School and co-leads Salt Church Orange. Taylor is a fire filled daughter of the King with a touch of whimsy. She is WILD about worship and living a life in the limitless dimensions of Jesus’s Love. She is passionate about people becoming unleashed into the power of living fully alive in Jesus. Taylor often teaches on living a life of worship.