Partner with us in launching 10 churches this year


So far this year - we have launched churches in LA + Colorado Springs.
You have an opportunity to partner with us as we establish church hubs in these cities. These church hubs are not only micro churches but they will help us to sustain the training and leadership development of future local micro churches.

The general investment fund allows us to cover the cost of launching the church, info gathering meals and leadership training. Thank you so much to all of our current supporters. Without you, we could not be planting these churches!

We believe a revival is happening in America

We believe that through preaching The Gospel, making disciples and planting churches we can sustain a great move of God. We take The Great Commission seriously and want to activate and empower the body of Christ.

Our vision this year, is to plant 10 micro churches that share Jesus everywhere they go and are making disciples. 


The average church in America costs $75,000 to $100,000 to launch! Through our micro church model - we can launch a church, train leaders, and cover basic costs for about $5,000.

That means we can plant:

20 micro churches that multiply for the cost of one traditional church launch!



Parker needs to raise $400 more of monthly support.


Salt Churches staff work full-time, and each USA staff is required to raise 100% of their salary through support. All members are crucial to our mission of revival.


Jessi Green

Jessi needs to raise $1,000 more of monthly support.


Victoria Castillo

Victoria needs to raise $1,700 more of monthly support