The Fire of the Holy Spirit

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Like fire prepares the soil of the ground in a forest for new growth, the fire of the Holy Spirit prepares the hearts of people for the seed of gospel to grow.


I. Hold an info + prayer gathering in your city
(if you are the first in the region)

All of these steps can still be used for a “multiplied” church as well. Choose what works best in each situation.

  • Share info to RSVP on Salt Website + Social Media
  • Run Facebook / Instagram ads targeting your city
  • Choose a central location that’s easily accessible
    • At the initial gatherings:

      1. Provide meal or snack based on resources (delegate “potluck” style as soon as possible)

      2. Cast vision for your church and why you are starting

      3. Share the mission of Salt and pray for the city

      4. Invite people to the next gathering

      5. Choose a location as a group to host the weekly gatherings (home, apartment, park, co-working space, etc)


II. Start Gathering weekly to Pray

Weeks 1-5 of officially gathering as “SALT”

Gather weekly to pray and get to know eachother

  1. Send an email with location and time, also ask those attending to bring something for the meal “potluck style”

  2. Take communion at every gathering together

  3. Gather + Pray + Listen to the Holy Spirit

   These gatherings are as much about getting to know each other and gel as a group as it is prayer. Leave time for people to get to know each other over the meal.

All weeks are available in the “Launch Section” of the app under “Gather”.

  • Week 1 Gather and Pray- Short teaching/discussion on “Jesus is Alive”-

  • Week 2 - Watch the bible project video on YouTube “Bible Project”. Short teaching and discussion on “The Kingdom of Heaven is at Hand”

  • Week 3 Short teaching/discussion on “God has a plan and Purpose for Your Life”

  • Week 4- Short Teaching/discussion on “God desires all men to be saved” .

III. Week 4 - Pray and fast as a church for 7 days

Acts 1:8

But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you, and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the farthest parts of the earth.”

Throughout this week begin praying and fasting as a church for 7 days

  • Pray about who to nominate as the leaders of the church (if leaders haven’t already been chosen in multiplication process)

  • Nominate leaders with this link

  • Pray for your city

  • Set dates on the calendar for prayer walks, street evangelism, or whatever the Holy Spirit asks you to do in prayer

    Every week in your church: When people repent and follow Jesus, baptize them, and pray for the Holy Spirit to baptize and fill them

    WEEK 5: Hub leaders will pray over and commission new leaders.

    • Activate discipleship in SALT Church in your location mid-week

    • Discipleship begins with the hub leader discipling the church leader

    • Hub leaders will cast vision for SALT in the mtg with time left for Q + A

    • Finish with entire church group praying over new leaders