salt story : Karli Moceri

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About a month ago I decided for my VERY FIRST time to give 10% of my income to my church as a tithe and since that decision I have been continuously blown away by the incredible generosity of God.

Before joining Salt, I spent 21 years laughing at the ridiculous idea of tithing. I felt as though people who tithed were being pressured into a trap that I wanted no part of. I was anti-tithing to say the very least. I paired my anti-tithing philosophy with relentlessly applying for photography jobs and getting let down on repeat. Each job that fell through made me question the promises I felt God had given me in the years leading up to this. I saw each job that passed as the ultimate carrot being dangled in front of me.

Five months into attending Salt I found myself listening to a couple share their experience with tithing and giving their finances to God. Their sincere story about walking out the same resistances I had experienced completely crumbled my 21 years of anti-tithing habits. They shared how giving their finances to God with open hands made them feel closer to the community they were now sowing into, brought them the financial growth they had been praying for & gave them clarity on what heavenly generosity looks like.

As I digested these things I realized that, I had, for years invested in an anti-tithing lifestyle and absolutely no return so maybe I had been going about things wrong. Maybe all the things I had been crying out for were on the other side of this tithing idea. That night when I got home from church, I gave 10% of my paycheck for the first time in my life. I also felt God ask me to step out in faith and thank Him in advance for open doors to paid photography jobs. I thought that request was funny because I had been begging him for movement in my career for over a year so thanking Him seemed too simple to be true. That same week I lined up a photography job that paid me double the amount I tithed, to the cent, and the following week scheduled 2 more jobs, doubling my next months tithe.

In amazement I sat back and thought, if this was what the first tithe in 21 years looked like what could be coming next? Not even a month later I sat down to meet with the owner of a marketing company and was completely shocked by what followed. For over an hour I listened to this man tell me that my photos inspired him and he had been using my photos to train his photographers. He asked me what my dream job would be and if I would be interested in working with him. Later that week I sent over my portfolio and within moments he responded asking me to meet and talk more. The day I met with him I not only got a job that was better than I could dream of but also found out it would DOUBLE my monthly income.

That day I thought about how James 1:17 said “Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of lights with whom there is no variation or shadow due to change” and praised God for the sweet gift that He’d just given me.

This job was undeniably a divine gift from a Good Father who loved blessing His children. God happily gave me double my tithe, a job that surpassed each failed opportunity prior, and most importantly taught me that tithing was a gift. Tithing transitioned from a pressure driven obligation to a joyous activity I got to do out of the overflow of all that God had given me.

-Karli Moceri