All Salt - May 2018


Our May All Salt was spent outside, by the Huntington Beach pier. 

We had planned to do it on a grassy area right next to the pier, what we weren't planning for was the amount of people that were there. That Sunday, there were 7 events on, or near, the beach so there were more people than normal. But it was as though God set aside that spot for us, with people everywhere it was the only space a group our size could gather. There were people that jumped in and started to worship with us and others that inched closer and closer, so curious about what we were doing. 

Jessi Green took about 10 minutes to encourage us and call us out to love people and then sent everyone out, 2-by-2, to pray over people in the area.

Watch the video below to see a glimpse of what our latest All Salt was like.

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