Jesse's Story : Sharing the Gospel

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Equinox is a place where all kinds of people come in. The great thing about being a personal trainer there is I get to meet new people every single day. Its a great place to share the gospel!


I met one of my good friends there working out one day. We got to talking and hit it off instantly. This blossomed into hanging outside of the gym a lot too. I got to share with him my story and explain what I was doing in California with Salt Churches. After talking to him about Jesus and discipleship, he eventually wanted me to start discipling him once a week. After several meetings talking about Jesus and hanging out with the guys from Salt, he decided one day to ask me how he can get the kind of perspective we have on life and how he can have relationships like we have. So I said, "only Jesus". He's the one and only answer. So I explained to him how he can accept Jesus into his life, say a simple prayer, and turn from his old ways. We were sitting in the cafe at Equinox and he decided right then and there he wanted to give his life to Jesus. I was instantly filled with a "Jesus High" lol I took him by the cabanas by the pool, set him down and led him in a prayer to accept Jesus in his life at my gym, WHERE I WORK!