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Parker and Jessi Green led two church campuses in New York City from 2012- 2016 with Liberty Church and have preached the Gospel internationally and led thousands to Christ. In 2016 they moved to Huntington Beach, California to plant Salt Churches through a new micro church model that launched in January 2017.

Through Salt Churches, they have effectively made disciples that make disciples, planted churches and spread the Gospel. They passionately believe that we can see America saved and set free through the multiplication of churches. Visit their site here

Meet Parker and Jessi


Lift Up Your Eyes

Today I read that 6% of Orange County is born again Christian. It broke my heart. After the

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He’ll Be Alive Tomorrow, too

Today, billions have gathered to celebrate the day Jesus rose from the dead. It all started as a

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The 4 Life Foundations of SALT Churches (Our Family DNA)

As we multiply as a church, each church will look different, depending on its elders/leaders. But the DNA

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Spiritual Enforcement

I have been hearing a lot of talk about spiritual warfare lately. I really understand what people are

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The Bramble and The Apple Tree – A Short Story

There was once an apple tree and bramble in a river valley. The apple grew on the sun

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A Come and See Church

So quite a few people have asked us, “What are you going to do at SALT Churches?”. I

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A Place for Lions

  The Lion as an animal has always fascinated me. I mean, look at them. There aren’t many

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“Saved” Part 2

  In my last post on this subject, we talked about salvation as a life. Not just a

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Shut the Door

In a world where life seems to just happen, and we’re left wondering where our day went, Jesus

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Article written by Jessi Green for Grit + Virtue Take a moment and be honest with yourself. Is

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A Life of Discipleship

Discipleship is a funny word. It’s particularly a Christian word. Unfortunately, it’s been used in so many different

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