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Lift Up Your Eyes

Today I read that 6% of Orange County is born again Christian. It broke my heart. After the Jesus People movement of the 1960’s and 1970’s and 50 years of

He’ll Be Alive Tomorrow, too

Today, billions have gathered to celebrate the day Jesus rose from the dead. It all started as a rumor, from a woman who saw his empty grave, and then saw

The 4 Life Foundations of SALT Churches (Our Family DNA)

As we multiply as a church, each church will look different, depending on its elders/leaders. But the DNA will remain the same. Our churches will be siblings, but never factory

Spiritual Enforcement

I have been hearing a lot of talk about spiritual warfare lately. I really understand what people are saying, BUT, I don’t know if the term is best for what

The Bramble and The Apple Tree – A Short Story

There was once an apple tree and bramble in a river valley. The apple grew on the sun filled side of the river and the bramble on the side of shade.

Fear is Fake

Your biggest fear is an illusion of your past. Whatever it is that you fear right now, whether it’s confrontation, cutting ties to chase a wild dream, asking that girl

A Go and Make Church

  A person is not manufactured. When my son David was made…. I wasn’t thinking about fallopian tubes and the science of fertilized eggs. I wasn’t thinking about ‘making’ a baby.

A Come and See Church

So quite a few people have asked us, “What are you going to do at SALT Churches?”. I understand the question coming from lifelong or longtime Christians, as we aren’t

A Place for Lions

  The Lion as an animal has always fascinated me. I mean, look at them. There aren’t many animals around that have this kind of strength, then flaunt it in

What My Dog Taught Me About Prayer

We have a 2-year-old runt, Shiba Inu female named Nugget. These dogs were originally bred to flush out birds and hold down boar. So you could say their personality is