A Come and See Church

So quite a few people have asked us, “What are you going to do at SALT Churches?”. I understand the question coming from lifelong or longtime Christians, as we aren’t running a Sunday service. Many people then ask again “So what are you going to do?” I find this question humorous at this point. I usually answer with something relatively vague to frustrate the asker more, like, “We will continue the mission of Jesus” or “We will just be the Church” or “Church will be everyday, 24/7” or “Come and See”.

But in all seriousness, that is exactly the type of church we aim to be. A “Come and See” church. 

Let me explain.

Have you ever eaten a Costco sample and actually went and purchased that item? It’s usually some weird pita bread or apple chicken sausage that is overpriced, so you pass. However, have you ever gone to Costco hungry? HAHAHAHAH BUT REALLY HAVE YOU?!? If you have, you have also left broke. It always cracks me up how they don’t show your total as you’re getting rung up. So, at the end they just give you this crazy price and your pride immediately says “I CAN AFFORD THIS NO MATTER WHAT”. You would feel like a clown for putting things back. Okay…anyway, I think the world is hungry for a real, tangible, spiritual reality. Jesus is that reality. He is the reality. We can give out samples of a flavor and texture that people have never experienced. We want our church to taste like what people have been looking for all of their lives.

I have tried to explain Sequoia National Park to my wife probably 50 times. However, you just can’t know the immensity, the grandeur, or the goodness of God’s creation in that part of California until you see it. Words fall short. I think many times words, although absolutely necessary,  fall short with the Gospel as well.

So when it comes to SALT Churches, we will rarely “explain ourselves” in the traditional fashion, but we would love to show you.

I am of the opinion that you can’t explain a miracle. That you can’t explain community. You can’t just explain why God is obsessive about the lost and backslidden. You can’t just describe discipleship. Yet, you can show it. You can see it. You can feel it, experience it, and immerse yourself in the new life that is Christ in you.

Community? Come live with me and see. Come see me love my wife and fight with my wife, and be disciplined and slack off when I feel tired. Come and See me love someone that can’t give back to me and then turn around and ignore a phone call. Watch the whole thing unfold.

Discipleship? Here’s the really good stuff. Jesus is the wilderness, we are just the wilderness guides. Discipleship is immersion in a complete life in him. You can’t just tell someone “pick up your cross” you have to show them. You can’t just tell people to cast out demons, you have to show them.  You can’t just say “be a servant to be the greatest” you’ve got to serve. Jesus was acutely aware of this. That’s why his initial call to us is still “Come and See”.

That’s the kind of church we want to be. Want to know how powerful water baptism is? Come and see. Want to know that God speaks to his people still? Come and see. Want to see the difference a meal together can make in your life, like, actual communion? Come and see.  Want to feel and know the baptism of Holy Spirit? Come and see. Want to experience someone getting healed on the spot? Come and see. I could obviously go on, for eternity, and indeed I will. We don’t want to just explain the Kingdom we want to show it. Jesus was masterful at both showing and telling. He was a genius to use stories, as they convey many times what simple words don’t describe but the soul truly knows.

Want to know what SALT Churches is like? What will we “do”? Well, I’m sure you can guess what I’ll say. To start, come by the barbecue on December 10th, the food is taken care of and we’d love to meet you. Come and See.