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A church full of God’s Glory, where every member of the body of Christ is alive and actively participating with the gifts God has given them. A church that is unconstrained by buildings and is unrestricted in its ability to gather and grow. Salt Churches gather around Christ. We are a church that never stops seeking the lost, making disciples, and planting churches.

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What to expect

Why Join a local Salt Church?


Salt Churches are groups of people that gather regularly in homes, at parks, on beaches or wherever they choose to gather. We believe that “The Church” is a group of people that gather around Jesus.
What can I expect at a local Salt Church?
Not every church will have a routine meeting and not every gathering will be the same. Every Salt Church will gather around Jesus; and the good news that He is ALIVE and transforms us to be more like him.
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It is incredibly powerful when a group of believers come together. We have several kinds of gatherings including:

Worship Nights
Serve our City
Social Gatherings

and more.

Check out our gatherings page to see when/where people are meeting near you! We hope to see you there.

There are two kinds of ‘outreach’ that we envision. The kind that we are doing by just living our daily lives and being intentional about the conversations we have and the actions we take with the gospel in mind. This is the life of every Christ follower. Following the teachings of Jesus and telling others about him.

The other is what we do together as churches (gatherings) to make a visible impact by doing good. So that people may see our good works and glorify our Father in Heaven. Loving the communities we live in and the most marginalized in those communities through service.

Jesus calls every one first to follow him, and then to bring others along in an apprenticeship to Jesus. This is a daily, 24/7 process of learning how to be like Jesus and continuing to multiply disciples. This only happens when we do it on purpose, disciples of Jesus are not made by accident.
We invite you to do this with us. To learn how to live life from the Master of Life, and show others how to do the same.

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